"It's been about a year since my daughter, Alexa, worked with you on her eating and speech.  I just wanted to thank you for your help and suggestions.  I continued to implement the tools you gave me regarding her eating and didn't give up on her over the past year.  Today, I am happy to say that she is a good eater.  If she finishes the veggies on her plate before I finish mine, she'll reach over to take mine.  She won't eat everything yet (still not a fan of broccoli) but she is trying more and more things and surprises me everyday."   -Alexa's mom



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Pediatric Feeding & Speech Solutions is a unique private practice in a home-like setting that offers individualized and specialized treatment options for pediatric feeding and speech and language disorders.

It is essential that children feel comfortable and relaxed in order to achieve optimal learning. This idea served as the inspiration to create a warm, home-like feel for this private practice.



The goals of the therapists at Pediatric Feeding & Speech Solutions are to provide direct therapy and family education to help children reach their feeding and communication potential, treat the individual rather than an isolated problem, decrease family stress related to mealtimes, offer individualized treatment plans and work as a team with other professionals to optimize the therapy process.


—Kelly Benson-Vogt, MA CCC/SLP


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Kelly helped us understand our daughter's diagnosis of laryngomalacia and how it would impact her feeding.  She listened to our wishes to continue breastfeeding our daughter as much as possible and helped us create a feeding plan that was both safe and effective.  Kelly has remained available via phone and email for further consultation.  Now, three months later, our daughter is growing and thriving.  We are so grateful for Kelly's assistance and ongoing support.                            -Meghan



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                               704 South King Street Suite #1 Leesburg, VA 20175


feeding the body . feeding the mind